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The Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro has been open and active since January 2007, and has been serving the Hillsborebbe1.jpgro Jewish community as well as Jews in the surrounding areas.Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro is also been actively involved with the many professional employees of Intel, and other local businesses and firms. We are here to help every Jew in every way. We turn to you to invite you to be a part of us. 


Intel matching funds program

Dear Intel community,



We have great news to share with you.



By the grace of G-D, and thanks to many dedicated Intel employees, Chabad of Hillsboro’s Hebrew School Program, is qualified for the matching funds of donations program by Intel!



Any dollar that you give to this community program, will be matched 100% by Intel.



It is super easy to do, and will make a tremendous difference to the Hebrew School Program, and the future of many kids!



When intending to donate to our community’s activities, please donate through this program, so Intel can double your donation.



At this time especially, you donations are so needed, to help us finish our new unit – multipurpose room, which will be used also to accommodate the growing number of kids joining our programs.



We invite you to check out the program now




It is a few very simple steps:



1. From your laptop browser, go to



2. Click the MAKE A DONATION button.



3. Select the SEARCH tab near the top right



4. Look for ‘Hillsboro Sunday Hebrew School’ via CHABAD OF HILLSBORO OREGON



5. Select ‘Donate Now’ – and make a donation.



* You must select the project of ‘Hillsboro Sunday Hebrew School’ – to receive matching funds.



G-D bless you and thank you for your support and generosity at this time and always.