Chabad in Action

About Us

The Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro has been open and active since January 2007, and has been serving the Hillsborebbe1.jpgro Jewish community as well as Jews in the surrounding areas.Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro is also been actively involved with the many professional employees of Intel, and other local businesses and firms. We are here to help every Jew in every way. We turn to you to invite you to be a part of us. 

Chabad Library

Hillsboro’s only Jewish Public Library

Presently the Library is opened for borrowing books from, however the space is not yet set up for inside Library reading time.
All are welcome to come, browse and broaden your knowledge as you skim through and choose the books of your choice.
Please email us to schedule an appointment, and to check the availability of the book you are looking for.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.